Thursday, June 19, 2008

I'm a real Father is the King of Kings!

This morning I was working on finishing up a couple custom orders. The doll pictured is one of them. My good friend Laura ordered this doll for her niece's birthday. She requested a little crown for the doll. No problem! So as I'm cutting things out I cute for little Kaelyn to have a matching crown! So this little fabric crown came to be. I thought it would be great! A crown that can get stepped on and squished in the toy box without breaking, but yet makes you feel like a princess. I can't tell you how many of those plastic crowns have been pitched in the trash due to them breaking the day after we get them home. So anyway, I of course had to put on a little scripture patch and added ribbons for a tie closure. I asked Lola if she would model for me so I could send Laura a sneak peek of her order. Didn't have to ask Lola twice! So off to the patio we went and took some good pictures to share. Well she didn't want to give up the crown. I explained to her that the crown will go to little Kaelyn for her birthday along with the doll. She wasn't happy to give it up, so I promised her that we would make her very own and she could pick out the fabrics. Oh she was so happy!! It's the simple things sometimes! So we looked and looked at the fabric and she finally decided on purple and then she spied the hot pink lace....HAD to have some of that! So she helped and we put everything together. As we talked she said that when she grew up she wanted to be a princess. I told her she was already a real princess because she believed in Jesus and he is the king of kings. I also told her that she was a princess now and she will be Jesus' princess in heaven having a real crown to lay at his feet. She was facinated. The scripture she chose was from 1 Chronicles 16:9 "Sing to Him, sing praises to Him; Speak of all His holy name." Which is so fitting because she is singing all the time, especially on the toilet. Lola is such a bright and fun spirited little girl! We had a great time making it together and it was a great time to share what we have to look forward to.

She loves it!!

Have a great day everyone!!


Erin said...

Your work is adorable!

Drew Boswell said...

Oh Tina,
That is too precious! Is it too late to have a crown added to Hannah-Grace's doll and one for her as well. She prays regularly for Jesus to bring HER handsome prince. I tell her Jesus is already preparing that young man for her, but she will have to wait a while. She truly wants him NOW, but is as much in love with Jesus as any 4 year old little girl I've ever seen! That's a blessing!
Kimberly Boswell

Johnson Party of seven! said...

LOVE IT!!!! YOu gotta start selling those! They are adorable!!! You are so talented and so creative! Plus... your model is adorable!!!
Have a good night!
Jill Johnson

Leslie said...

That's so sweet that you related to your daughter that she is a REAL princess!:) That's so great! I honestly would not have thought of that because I'm not a quick thinker like you are!

Mandi said...

k you officially got me all choked up. What a fantastic momma you are to take that opportunity to explain all that to her! Of course the doll is adorable and the crowns are so sweet, but I am just mostly touched by the application you were able to bring to the whole thing :-) Yay you! And Yay God!!

Anonymous said...


Love the new doll you just finished and the adorable Princess Crown.

I really love your beautiful creations. I'm so touched that you use your God given talents to spread His word to the children. They are our future.

Tina can you please put my name in for the babydoll giveaway.

Have a blessed weekend and God's Blessings to you and your family.

Elaine Kaneshiro