Monday, June 23, 2008

Marvelous Monday!!

First of all, I want to share a little bit from last weeks winner. She was just having the worst day ever...
"Wow! You have NOOO idea how your e-mail was that special little hug from the Lord that I needed today!!! LOL :) Elijah and I were in route to Ohio to spend the week with my family (I'm originally from Cleveland!) and my car broke down in Grand Rapids, MI - just after we dropped my husband off at the airport!!! Turns out I had a broken tie rod & rusted out rotors!! UGH!!! Took a couple hundred dollars & a few hours of waiting for the repairs to be made - but Praise the Lord! We just arrived in Ohio!!! I couldn't wait to respond to your e-mail!! ((I had checked it after we had walked a mile to the mall so Eli could run (crawl really fast) & play while we waited...and I was just SOOO exhausted from the events...including having only one diaper with me to change him!!! And THAT is another story in itself! I had used that one right away - so 2+ hours later - when he had was making that special little face that cracked up all the other mommies at the play area...I was just spent! but when I laughed along with them & said "yeah -it's usually a pretty funny face for mommy to see too - except when she's out of diapers!" I had like 3 women jump up & offer me one of their child's!! LOL It was a day of odd happenings & funny little blessings like that!) - but I had checked my e-mail as soon as I arrived at the mall & got your msg...and honestly - I felt like it was a hug directly from the Lord reminding me He's watching over us...even in the midst of such turmoil. LOL :) You really blessed me already!!! SO MUCH!!!"
See how the Lord works!!! He is just so awesome! I truly feel that even though I pick a random number, the Lord knows and even uses a little giveaway to touch His people and to show His love. So...who is the winner this week????


Random Integer Generator
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Timestamp: 2008-06-23 16:40:27 UTC


Pat said...
Would love to win this beautiful baby girl.

(Pat~I tried to contact you but my email was returned. Please let me know what address to ship this to. THANKS! ~Tina)


Have a wonderful & marvelous Monday everyone!!


Mandi said...

Awww, what a great email! Doesn't it just totally warm your heart knowing that God is in control of even our "random" moments? Thank you for sharing that story!

Miranda23 said...

Congrats to Pat and what a great little story to read. It's sometimes hard to remember that God is always in control but when we stop and pay attention we can see his blessings all around us, even during cruddy times.

Pat said...

Tina I can't believe it!!! What a Blessed Wonderful suprise. I have loved all of your work..... However, this little girl has been my favorite!! THANK YOU & GOD BLESS You. Sorry about the email mix up!! Also not to copy the last winner but I feel a great big GODLY hug....

miscel55 said...

I am a single mom of four, three under the age of five. I know how bad situations can just happen at the worst times but then all of a sudden the Lord is there watching over you and your children letting you know everything will be okay.
A note to Tina:
I am absolutely in love with your new doll. The blue hair is fabulous! B131 I believe. Great work.
God Bless you and your family. And may God fill each one of your beautiful dolls with love and whenever a child holds one in his or her arms they will be blessed through your hands and God's with that love.
Have a blessed day everyone.

Heather78 said...

How do you enter to win the doll???Am I just blind???Ihave an order for 4 in and would love a little houseful.

Monica said...

How fantastic! That story warmed my heart. :)