Wednesday, June 4, 2008

It's Vacation Bible School Time!!

We have VBS this week, which I am the director for, and it has been an awesome time! We are learning about the seven C's and simply just teaching biblical truth! Needless to say things have been a little more crazy than usual this week and I have fallen a little behind on things. But not to worry after today I will be caught up and back on track. But the weeks only half over so I'll keep plugging along with everything and keep you updated. Here are a few pictures from yesterday!


We have been making our own VBS shirts
Love it!!

Me running back and forth

and Zach having lots of fun!
Can you see him?
Well, I'm off to finish cleaning up lunch and getting household chores done before we have to leave. My posting may be a little scarce this week, but I will be back for Yay Free Friday!


Caitlin said...

Oh fun! I'm excited for Ki to be old enough for VBS. What are the 7 C's?

Anonymous said...

The seven c's are Creation (adam & eve), Corruption (fall of man), Catastrophe (Noah), Confusion (Tower of Babel), Christ (birth), Cross (Death), & Consummation (Christ's return).