Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Me and My Girls!

This picture was taken a couple of weeks ago when Lola had her dress rehearsal. After we were done at the Civic Center we went out to eat and then stopped at the mall for some girlie shopping. It's not often that it is just us girls! Keith works very hard, six days sometimes seven each week, so the kids and I are together a lot. Which I love and very thankful for!!! But on this day it was just us. We had a lot of fun looking around in stores and bought a couple things ( a dress for Lola and a cowgirl hat for Natalie ). On our way out we tried out the photo booth. The girls and I have never sat in one before, so it was great fun acting crazy. I'm glad I have this little photo to remind me of the special moment spent together.


Kristinia said...

Hey, I was wondering how the dolls for Helana were coming? I paid through paypal, you did get it right? Just makiing sure as I know its been hectic lately!

Mandi said...

Awww, sounds like you had tons of fun! I LOVE the photo booth strip, I wish we had a photo booth that did those print outs somewhere around here!