Monday, September 1, 2008

Marvelous Labor Day Monday!!

YAY!! Today's winner is strong on my heart! My husband Keith was deployed to Iraq three years ago and was gone for 18 months. It was the loneliest time in my life, but the Lord used it for good in each of us. So today Miss Sarah, you are the lucky winner of Emma!! I'm happy to send her your way! I ask all of you to pray for this family and all of the troops serving our country!

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Anonymous said...
My husband is deployed in Kuwait. I hope i can win her for my 3 year old Ava and buy 2 more for my other children Olivia (5 yrs) and Aidan (9 mon). Precious little snugglies to have while daddy is away! :)Sarah


Mandi said...

Yay!! What a great person to win!! This makes me happy! congrats to the winner!

Abigails Mom said...

Sarah, My prayers came true!! Congratulations to your little one. May God continue to bless you & your family. Thank Your husband & yourself for your strength for us.

clkight said...

how perfect for a little red, white and blue baby to go to a military family! god bless our troops!!! we are so thankful for you :)

Sarah P. said...

Wow, I was sooo excited to win, I can't even tell you! The doll is beyond precious and I feel so blessed to get to present it to Ava from Baby B Blessed.Thanks so much for your support everyone. You all are so sweet. I don't have a blog, but after this experience I WANT ONE NOW!! Such positive and sweet people! I will let ya know the link when I get it off the ground!! Thanks again!!