Monday, November 24, 2008

Hide and Seek

I have been tucked away behind the scenes for pretty much the whole month of November. Honestly I had been struggling to keep up with things, balance and prioritize what the Lord has given me to do. I have control issues. I have fleshly Tina traits that I lay down at the feet of Christ and then run right back over and pick up again. I have big ideas, in which all have good intent and maybe purpose but can't be carried out because I get all jumbled up with trying to do more than what I'm actually called to do. I try to steer my own direction. I haven't let go of my steering wheel of life. I have white knuckles because I hold onto that wheel...afraid that if I do let go I'll spin out of control and crash. But guess what. I chose to let go of that wheel!! Praise God that I ran down into the ditch but I didn't crash. He just gracefully brought me back onto the road and I moment by moment choose to let HIM steer. It is very hard to step back and allow Him to do that. Doesn't that sound so silly! I know that the Lord knows what's best but so many times I push Him out of the way and take over without even realizing. The life of a believer is hard! We have a higher calling for our life and when we fail or fall short we are so hard on ourselves. At least I am. That is one area that I allow the enemy to sneak in. I allow him to whisper "failure!" in my ear. Praise God for His word that the TRUTH is Christ's blood washes me clean!! CLEAN!! So through my hiding this month I am seeking. And guess what?! When you seek Jesus you find Him! Many things have been taught and reveled to me about myself, and this ministry of ours. Good things are coming and I thank all of you who have stuck along with us!! At the first of the year I will be starting a new blog. The Baby be Blessed blog will be used strictly for BbB and Give a Blessing news, along with prayer requests and praises from all of you! The new blog will be more personal, almost a documentation of my journey in faith. I can't decide what to call it..... What do you all think? I have three idea's down on paper. Maybe you can help me?
1-Broken To Be Blessed
2-Blessfully Broken
3-Blessings of Brokenness
You can see they all have pretty much the same theme so it is hard to decide. Let me know what you think!!
Have a great day everyone! Let Jesus take the wheel! (I love that song!)


clkight said...

how bout "blessed brokeness"?

ASHLEY said...
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