Friday, November 28, 2008

Yay Free Friday CHRISTmas Kickoff Giveaway!!

Welcome To the Yay Free Friday CHRISTmas Kickoff Giveaway!

This is an online scavenger hunt. All of the answers can be found on Tina's blog, Laura's blog or the Baby be Blessed website. It may require some searching. Prizes will be awarded to the first 3 entries with most correct answers. Entries will be judged in the order they are received.

1st Place- Finished Lamb
2nd Place- Fabric Crown
3rd Place- Free S&H on your next order

Email your answers to

Good Luck!
Let the search begin.....

BbB Yay Free Friday Quiz

  • 1. Name Tina's kids oldest to youngest?
  • 2. What is Laura's daughter Carly's favorite book?
  • 3. What are the Aliases of the "Vandal" that struck the Swymeler house.
  • 4. When did Baby be Blessed begin?
  • 5. What is the name of fabric C169?
  • 6. What is Laura's favorite drink?
  • 7. What kind of boots does Tina wear?
  • 8. On what day did Tina's daughter Natalie get baptized?
  • 9. Who is pictured in the left upper corner of the BbB website banner?
  • 10. What are the names of Tina's and Laura's husbands.
  • 11. What is the body Fabric of Doll A101?
  • 12. What is the name of the first Give a Blessing Recipient, September 2008.
  • 13. In what month did Tina's old sewing machine "the Green Beast" finally break and she had to purchase a new one?
  • 14. What is the bible verse on the lamb that Tina made in honor of Laura's son Matthew?
  • 15. How old is the miracle child Brianna Botts now?


clkight said...
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clkight said...

whoops! obviously was so excited that i didn't read all the instructions, hope i didn't give it away!!!

family said...

Great idea!