Monday, December 1, 2008

Celebration of Christ ~Day One

First off...thanks to everyone who played along with our Yay Free Friday!
Congratulations to the Winners!

1st Place- Carrie Kight
2nd Place- Erin Crews
3rd Place- Sara Linkert Burfeind

1. Tristin, Natalie, Lola, Kolton
2. Put me in the Zoo
3. Carlsbad, Boo, Thunderbootie or NightHawk Ninja
4. Jan 1, 2008
5. 1974 Grass Green Spirit by Urban Chiks
6. Diet Coke
7. Justin Boots
8. Aug. 16 2008
9. Lola
10. Keith and Chris
11. Natural colored line chenille
12. Janessa
13. May
14. Revelations 7:17
15. 19 months

Today we are officially kicking off our Celebration of Christ here at the BbB blog! We will be offering little tidbits and fun ideas to help keep the focus on Christ throughout the holiday season. Our first idea is one that I love!

-Wrap a baby doll in "swaddling clothes" and put in a basket by the front door. This will remind you each time you walk past that Jesus is really the focus of the holiday.

I plan on putting a little tree by our back door. We have a lot of traffic coming and going daily, so what an awesome idea to put a little doll in one of my old baskets and leave it by the little tree to remind everyone who enters the TRUE reason for the season...


clkight said...

woo hoo! thanks, girlies!!!

love the baby basket idea, so precious!!!

Kelley said...

What a great idea! My daughter is almost 3. We have been talking to her about the meaning of Christmas. Last year we made a birthday cake for Jesus. She was beginning to understand about birthday parties. Now with the baby doll in the basket, it will teach her more about Jesus and be a reminder to us. Thanks,
Kelley in Arkansas