Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Celebration of Christ ~Day Two

I think this is a really cute idea!
Make your own Nativity!
I'm thinking about doing this on my front porch!!
What You Need: Three clay or plastic pots (the ones pictured above are one 14" and two 18" plastic pots); three 7"- 8" balls; light brown spray paint; burlap or other fabric (color of your choice); hay or natural fiber (I used coconut tree fiber); heavy-duty tape, hot glue and glue gun; scissors.
What You Do: Spray paint balls, allow to dry. Turn the two large pots upside down. Tape two balls to the top of each pot. Drape fabric over balls to form veils. Cut two long strips of fabric to form headbands. Tie headbands to hold veils in place. Apply hot glue to sides of pot to hold veil (Make sure you don't touch the balls with the hot glue or they will pop. Unfortunately I can testify to this!) In the smaller pot fill the bottom with hay or natural fiber (You can fill the bottom with plastic bags, then place the hay on top). Place the third ball in the smaller pot.
To display at night, attach a star with lights to a pole and place it behind the nativity. Wrap a string of white lights one time around the nativity and the rest of the lights around the top of the manger.
Copyright 2004 Sarah Keith
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clkight said...

so cute! check out my santa keys on my latest post!!!