Monday, December 29, 2008

Back up and running....

We are back in business people!!

Laura and I are excited to be back in the swing of things! Our custom shopping carts have been down since October 15th and we pushed hard to make it through the Christmas season! I'm so very happy to tell you all that we are back open and ready to take all of your custom orders once again! A few things have changed over at the shop. First we will now offer three kinds of dolls: Finished, Personalized and Custom. Finished dolls are pretty self explanatory, they will be finished and ready for shipment. Personalized dolls are dolls that are pre-cut and ready for assembly, but you are still able to personalize them with the name and scripture of your choice. Custom dolls will be our full blown design process...the possibilities are endless!

As we finish up the year and prepare for 2009, I praise God how this little ministry has grown. It started with a simple desire the Lord placed on my heart and now has grown from one person to beyond five!

Once again we will have Laura heading up the Customer Service! She is always busy working side by side with me to fill any need that needs to be met along with working along with each of you to design the exact doll you are looking for. Laura...I absolutely could not do this without you!!!

I praise God for Cheryl, who now helps me sew! Let me tell you that your orders would have never made it without her! She is willing and ready to help us sew lots of babies! Thank you so much Cheryl!

We are also very thankful to my sweet Mommy! She has helped me endless hours with cutting, preparing our packaging and even cleaning out my fabric cupboard (which took a whole afternoon!) Thanks Mom!

My good friend Lori and her daughter has also helped me through the holiday season! What a blessing to sew side by side with her on my kitchen table while her daughter helped stuff. We are looking forward to having "work days" throughout 2009.

Last but certainly not least...I wish to thank everyone who helped us through. Ladies from my community donated their time to sew and stuff arms and legs. Many offered prayers and words of encouragement.

THANK YOU!! Together we work as the hands and feet of Christ!

Once again I ask for your prayers! As we start this new year I pray that we be about the LORDS business not ours! We simply want to be humble servants blessing children with God's word. Please pray along with us for each child that will be receiving one of our dolls! May He use these simple little dolls to plant seeds of truth deep within each heart!

Happy 2009 and many-many blessings to you and your family!


*Pictured is a sneak peek of new doll designs that will be coming!!

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Amy said...

Tina...I can't believe how quickly the Lord has blessed your business. Actually, I can believe it...but wowza! I happened to stumble upon "bring the rain" blog and saw your dolls. I was so excited for you that I had to stop by. I know you are crazy busy...but hopefully we can catch up sometime. You have a wonderful heart Tina...I'm so thankful the Lord had us cross paths.

Amy (Ruebee)