Thursday, December 4, 2008

Celebration of Christ ~Day Four

We are in day four of our Celebration of Christ!
Here is another great idea plus a new song.......

Great Idea:
-Have a "Jesus Tree" that is decorated with ornaments that all focus on the names of Christ. Some examples were simply balls painted with the names of Christ. Others were things like a little lamb representing the "Lamb of God", a bottle of rosemary, a King, a dove- "Prince of Peace", etc.

Which goes along with the new song I was talking about...

Messiah, Creator, Baby Born To Be Our Savior...Father, Redeemer, Hope Of Glory, Friend Of Sinners...All Knowing, All Powerful, Forgiving, Oh So Faithful...The Helper, My Maker, Living Stone, Our Mediator...Sinless High Priest! Messenger! Prince Of Peace!Bread Of Life! Holy One! Counselor! Beloved Son!King Of Ages! King Of Kings! Ruler Over Everything!Immanuel! Cornerstone! Morning Star And Lord Of Lords!

All names of Christ which can be found in Take no Glory's new Christmas song!
Download your free copy here.

Send me some of your ideas or family traditions! Also email me some of your favorite Christmas photo's and they just might be featured right here on the blog!

Have a great day everyone!
I'll be back again tomorrow with more!!


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