Sunday, December 7, 2008

Celebration of Christ ~Day Six & Seven!

As I sit here this morning in front of the computer, I'm thinking of all that I have to do on the big old "TO DO LIST"! The past couple of years have been a struggle for me.... I remember being able to sit by the fire and drink a cup of coffee and just be still with the Lord. I think He misses that. I KNOW He misses that. I long for that again! In going through the craziness of life lately and through the work HE has me doing there is a balance, and through this year the Lord is showing me where that balance is. So today if you haven't already, put up the tree and watch the joy of your children decorating it. Hang your stockings and drape all your twinkle lights. Take time out of the craziness of life and sit back by the fire with a hot cup of coffee and be still with the Lord, with your family, and do it all with the heart of celebration!

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