Monday, December 8, 2008

Celebration of Christ ~Day Eight

Today I will give you a couple of ideas
that are Thompson favorites!

1) Save up your used toilet paper rolls. Use scraps of Christmas wrapping paper or tissue paper. Roll your toilet paper tube in the paper and glue seam closed with a glue stick. Tie one end closed with yarn and fill with candies or small toys/trinkets. Tie the other side closed with yarn so they look like little firecrackers. We add a ribbon to so we can hang them on the tree or doorknobs along with a little to/from and scripture tag! So easy and the kids love it!! Let your children give them to their friends at school, bus drivers and the mail lady! Drive around to family and friends and leave on their doorknob!! Let your kids sneak them on the tree of each house you visit throughout the season!! What a great treat for them to find! Have fun with it!!

2) Make your own Christmas cards! Have one of your children draw and color a Nativity scene. Scan it into your computer and print off your own cards on card stock paper with a message of Christ. We've done this several years. Pictured is our card from last year which were drawn by our little Miss Lola. I think this year it is Tristin's turn. Inexpensive, meaningful and fun!!
Have a great day everyone!


Carrie said...

love both ideas, you lil crafty girl you!!! ;)

Chris and Lisa Fedele said...

Hi Tina,

I want to donate the money for the dress to the Carly Hoffman give a blessing fund. Laura told me of the families troubles and I really want to help them so instead of paying me please just put that money to Carly.

Any questions please feel free to email me.

Thanks so much Tina!

Lisa Fedele