Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Celebration of Christ ~Day nine through twelve!

As we continue to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, I ask for all of you to have the heart and compassion of our Savior by reaching out to those in everyone around you that might need prayer, a helping hand or a word of encouragement!
Here on the BbB home front have an urgent prayer request and we need all of you to help us lift up our Give a Blessing recipient, Carley. Laura received a phone call from Carley's Mom yesterday and we found out that Carley will be having surgery Friday 12-12 at Riley Children's Hospital in Indianapolis she will be having a tumor removed from her chest. The extent of the surgery is not known at this point Carley's but mom said that it will not be able to be done laparoscopically. At this point this is another tumor that has shown up on the scans that may require a possible 2nd surgery. Also, Carley's baby brother Ethan who is 3 month's old is also having some health concerns. Ethan's one eye has been dilated and is not changing.
Please keep this family in your thoughts and prayers!
It would mean a lot to them to know that you are praying and thinking of them and I encourage you to visit Carley's Caringbridge page to leave them your encouraging words! Will you join with us to pray and help this family financially during this great time of need?! I praise God for all of you and that we can come together as the body of Christ to help and encourage one another!

Galatians 6:2 "Bear one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ."
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Carrie said...

i added it to my blog, wish it would add to facebook...

Abigails Mom said...

Come On People. Even those of us who have no money & are on disability or unemployed. Imagine having this beautiful little girl Angel so sick & be blessed with another child of GOD & he may have worldy medical problems.... I who have no children cannot help but pray hard. If all of us donated $5.00. WOW. That is nothing. PLEASE Help this family. Baby Be Blessed does so much for so many. GOD bless all of you during this CHRISTmas season.