Monday, November 17, 2008

"Mommy it's snowing!"

Rain turned into our very first snow on Saturday. It was raining pretty good and Lola starts yelling for me..."Mommy, Mommy!" I answered but she didn't seem to hear me over the wad of clothes I was shoving into the washing machine. "MOMMY!!!! MOMMY!!!....MOMMMMYYYY!!!" Finally, I pop my head out of the laundry room "WHAT Lola?!" I thought she was going to tattle (has been going around here lately). "IT"S SNOWING!!!!!!!!" So, I'm like "wow, it is?" and look out the window...WOW -IT IS!!!!" I couldn't believe it! With as wet and yucky as the ground was and being only 40 degrees...IT WAS SNOWIN'!! I had to take a picture for Laura...she only had the yucky rain at her house. She lives an hour west so usually she gets the weather before it hits us. But this time, it must have hopped over her. Sorry Swymeler boys!! So of course, there is snow and they had to go play out in it. I'm getting scroogie old and the Lord reminded me of that Saturday. When they say play in the snow, I hear....a half hour of getting ready and then two loads of wet clothes to wash. But who cares about that right?! So I told them to go on out. Lola was back in ten minutes later fingers cold and wet to the bone. "I'm cold...can I have my hot chocolate?". Oh, yes...the hot chocolate. I was thinking we didn't have some -but we did! Yesterday the snow melted away and again this morning I wake up to a white ground with the flakes still a fallin'. I guess winter is finally here!


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can you send some our way???

Tina:0) said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on Vaeh's blog! I had someone else who was from Lima originally find me through Angie's blog today, too! What a small world we live in!

I'll have to take time to go through your blog! My husband & I are good friends with the Katterheinrich's - Jason, Angel & Alysha!

Hope to keep in touch with you!