Thursday, July 16, 2009

Living Proverbs 22:6

"Train up a child in the way he should go,
Even when he is old he will not depart from it"
Proverbs 22:6

We are back from vacation and seems that we are (or at least I am) still playing catch up from being gone. It feels good to be home but we had a wonderful time with family last week. We are blessed!! We did visit the Creation Museum last Tuesday and WOW...was it awesome!! If you are ever in the area, please make sure you visit!! I'll share more later on my family blog Thompson Blessings in which you can link to from the side bar...

The Lord has been plugging away at me for a while now. Most of it I really kept pushing back and didn't want to fully acknowledge or listen to. You know how you can just be going through the motions of life? Well that is where I have been. In speaking with my friend Lori the other evening it kind of hit me that you can know and even say all the right things as a Christian...but where is your heart really? Are you really living it out? Are you completely DAILY surrendering your will to the Lord??

I was not...

Maybe I thought I was...or maybe I even could tell someone I was...but I wasn't.

In praying about what today's post should be about in sharing my own walk in Living Proverbs 22:6 out as a parent, the Lord brought me back again to me. How am I? Where am I? Who am I in HIM?? Kind of ouchy to look at. Most of it I really didn't want to look at. That sin we all hold onto. I'm not even sure yet all He has to reveal to me about those controlling sins. I know that I have been ignoring...not wanting to see them because for some crazy reason, I want to hold on to them. I feel those things are better for me than what God has for me. I would have to give up something that I really do need in my life!

Yikes! As a Christian in my head...I know better! I've know what's right. I know truth. But where is my heart? What am I holding above Christ?

The Lord gave me more than I can put into words yesterday. I have a lot to absorb and continually lay down in my walk with Him. But you know what...I smile. As much as I was reluctant to even look at the ugliness I was still holding onto, God has me. He is calling me and has brought me to a place once again of complete surrender...Thank you Jesus!!

So what He placed on my heart is to simply share my walk in this. The bitter truth and all the ugliness of my journey of walking towards who Christ desires me to be in every facet of my life. The only place to start is with me and where I am at in Him. Once I am that clean and open vessel He desires me to be...I will be filled and I will overflow to all those around me including my children. Only through Him can we be living Proverbs 22:6! It is not through any study or program...only Him!

Let us join together this week in really praying that the Lord will revile our true hearts in Him no matter how ugly it might really be. The glorious thing about it is that once we remove those dead branches from our vine...we can really bloom!

Love you all!



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