Thursday, July 30, 2009

Living Proverbs 22:6

"Train up a child in the way he should go,
Even when he is old he will not depart from it"
Proverbs 22:6

The last week as been somewhat of a difficult week for me. I think this was because our Sunday morning no TV deal did not work out to well this week. The morning started out with Lola getting up before me. She came in and asked if she could go downstairs...I replied with a sleepy yes. After lying in a half sleep for about 15 more minutes, it hit me about the TV. I got up and went downstairs, and here is little Lola laying on the couch with no TV on. Wow...I was impressed, they pretty much always turn on the cartoons in the morning! So I went about my morning business of starting to get ready for Fellowship and I hear Kolton awake. is where it all starts to go down hill!!

He was a GRUMP!! He cried and screamed about everything, throwing himself down on the floor and just simply having a fit. I couldn't do anything right. Now, this fit wasn't about the TV not being on... he was just a big grump! But oh, that darn much it was calling my name! I had to get ready for church!! I had kids to get ready for church!! I needed my entertainer so I could get things done!!

I remember stopping even to pray...Kolton was down at my feet screaming. "Lord, I know this must be a test to see if I'm going to turn on that TV or not! I'm not giving in Lord, I'm not giving in..."

You know what....after about 45 minutes I gave in.

Now, I guess this little story isn't too encouraging for all of you. I really didn't even want to share it because...well...I failed, I was weak and gave in. To justify it to myself....I put in a movie about Moses. =) I'm smiling!

Thinking back, the Lord has given me things that I could have done different. I've taken mental note and will apply them next round. We still are going to continue our No TV Sunday Morning's and will work through each morning as they come.

This week, I've been aware of how much TV the kids actually watch. Lately they watch around two hours in the morning and then about an hour in the evening. There have been days that I have let time slip away and they have watched more in the morning...but that is my fault. If I don't actually go in and turn off the TV it will be left on all day! At this point, the Lord hasn't convicted me on the amount of time they are watching TV, but what they are watching. Again, I've only allowed them to watch certain channels or certain shows...but to sit down and actually listen to them...hmmm. I pray the Lord gives me wisdom.


Along with all the TV ponderings, I've also been convicted on the books my children are reading. We just finished up the summer reading program...and let's just say that I'm disappointed in the reading selection at our public library for our youth.

Yet...let's show the bitter ugly truth of things....

Here is my son, Tristin filling his mind with The Adventures of Captain Underpants. Now here is where I need to find the balance. The books are not bad books. The stories of the Wicked Wedgie Woman, and the Battle of the Bionic Booger do have a humor that draws children to read them. They're at least reading right?! Well that mind set is where we can get in trouble.

My point is to find the balance between allowing your children to read about wedgies and boogies from time to time, but to place their solid reading foundation on truths. As a parent I really feel convicted that I haven't done this up to this point. Honestly, as I look there really are not many resources available to find the books and videos I would like to find. You can purchase them online but that gets expensive!! It's too bad that we can't find many edifying books or movies at our library, video stores, or even Walmart.

Praise God for our fellowship! We are in the beginning stages of a church library. I'm especially excited about having resources available for our youth! I am so thankful for this!!!

But ultimately it starts with us as parents. We are to train up our children!! It is our responsibility!! It's our choice to be open to the Lord's guiding and directing every decision for your family. He's already provided us with the ultimate Manuel to do this, and He will provide all the resources as well.

Let's all seek the direction of the Lord for rearing up our children this week. The route He takes me might not be the same route He is putting on your heart. I'm not sharing because my way is right...that's obvious...but to simply encourage to keep walking forward with Christs' leading.

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Natalie said...

I too struggled with tv. It wasn't always what the kids were watching but, those commercials. When we moved into our new house the cable got disconnected from our "new start". It's been a huge blessing. I found we spend more time together and less in front of the tv. We do have a tv but we rent from netflix, so when we do watch something it's together. I do give in on Sunday mornings too. You're totally normal :) Sunday mornings Veggie Tales :) it's the trade :) I have a Tristan too, great name

Carrie said...

what a great idea to start a church library, i have been inspired ms. tina! love you girls!!!

Samantha said...

Your church library sounds fantastic! I wish we had one at ours.
I run the childrens section at my local bookstore and I know how difficult it is to get meaningful storylines for the younger audience! If you ever need any ideas, shout out :)