Wednesday, August 5, 2009

August Raffle Item

After much pondering as to what we should raffle off this month for our Give a Blessing recipient Jonah, the decision has been officially made! Thanks to our facebook fans who gave some great ideas!! Thinking you might see a few of those in the future!!

This month it I used Laura's idea and it's pretty exciting!!'s the scoop! For each dollar that you donate to Jonah, you will receive a number or chance to win. For example if you donate $5 you will receive 5 numbers or chances. Like last month, if you donate $20 or more we will double your chances! On Sept. 1st we will drop all the numbers in the pot aka and pick the winner!!

(On a side note, just a reminder that all the donations go directly to Jonah and his family so you will have to forward your chipin pmt confirmation to us to be entered. Once received, Laura will send you your numbers.)

So do you want to know what you might win this month?? I thought so!!

This is a first here at BbB!! You will email us a picture of your child and I will make a doll pattern from that picture. Not only will the winner receive the very first doll made from that pattern, but it very well could be the next doll offered here at Baby be Blessed and it will be named after your child!!

Is that exciting or what??!! That Laura...she's a smart thinker!!

I also LOVED Samantha's (our friend from facebook) idea -How about a second place winner as well!!

KNEW you'd love it too!! The runner up will receive a Baby be Blessed blanket with a matching little bonus ( won't be announced until later in the month)!

Go get those numbers!!



Samantha said...

Oh my, that is a genius idea!

I love how your website allows me to feel like I am doing good to the world. Donating to children that I may well never have known about or condition that existed before. You guys are amazing.

Carrie said...

i am so proud to know y'all, you amaze me!!!