Thursday, August 6, 2009

Living Proverbs 22:6

"Train up a child in the way he should go,
Even when he is old he will not depart from it"
Proverbs 22:6

This morning I prayed and asked the Lord to speak to my heart what He wanted me to share with you. With every Proverbs 22:6 post, I've done this...and He answered quite quickly, but this morning I still don't have a real clear direction so we will see where the Holy Spirit takes us....HANG ON!! =)

But seriously, from the beginning the Lord simply spoke to my heart to share what He is doing in me. I do not feel I have the gift of writing, nor do I really feel that I have something inspirational always to share...but if God is leading you to share, He will give you what He wants you to speak and then He will meet and work in the hearts He desires to. Whew -that takes the pressure off!! Well...kind of...I still have to be obedient and get on here, even if I walk away with egg on my face! Boy, I'm full of it this morning! Please pray for my children today!!

So where am I in this whole journey? I don't really know! It's not my place to know where I'm at...just simply that I am walking it. Desiring to be open to the Holy Spirit daily. Allowing Him to guide and direct my every step in parenting. Like for example...(again) the no Sunday morning TV thing. I really feel in my heart that is what He was working out in my heart. But I totally agree with Natalie when she said...

Natalie said...
I too struggled with tv. It wasn't always what the kids were watching but, those commercials. When we moved into our new house the cable got disconnected from our "new start". It's been a huge blessing. I found we spend more time together and less in front of the tv. We do have a tv but we rent from netflix, so when we do watch something it's together. I do give in on Sunday mornings too. You're totally normal :) Sunday mornings Veggie Tales :) it's the trade :) I have a Tristan too, great name

The Lord has given me peace about that darn TV. Again, I'm hard on myself when I feel the Lord has told me something and then it doesn't continue to hold fast....but the Lord is always moving forward. He used the TV thing to get my attention about being aware of what is flashing before their little eyes. Last Sunday my Natalie was sick, so the whole no TV thing...again, right out the window. The enemy can use that as a stronghold on me if I let it because again, of how sensitive I am towards failing. But guess what?! In Christ...I will NEVER fail!! I choose to move forward daily in Him. I will choose to listen to truth and not in the lies that want to beat me down...

So I'm moving - moving - moving. Taking what each day brings us and prayerfully using it to the fullest. Making sure that I keep Christ my first and foremost focus and then the precious family He has given to us. What sweet gifts each one of our children are. I was checking on each of them before bed the other night and oh, how sweet they all were sleeping so soundly. As I rubbed my hand over little Kolton's head, I wondered if the Lord stands over all His children the same way. Touching us with His mighty hand and praying over us. Doesn't matter what happened earlier in the day...there's only a deep love and compassion. There really aren't words to describe it.

Some things that the Holy Spirit has convicted me on is better prayer with my children. To make sure that I pray with them daily..and not just before a meal! By doing this, we teach them to pray and the importance of prayer. Also, I'm looking for a devotional in which we can read every morning before School. As I need to get in the word daily, we need to get our children in the word daily! I desire to start them off on the right foot in the mornings before sending them off into the world....

Do you know a good devotional?
I'm giving you a shout out Samantha who said...
Your church library sounds fantastic! I wish we had one at ours.I run the childrens section at my local bookstore and I know how difficult it is to get meaningful storylines for the younger audience! If you ever need any ideas, shout out :)

How about everyone else??

Know of some good children devotionals?

Please share with us!!

Until next week, all my friends...let us continue in prayer and faithful journey of rearing up the children the Lord has given to us!!


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If you have some wonderful books/devotionals and video's that you would like to recommend, please leave a comment under this post!


Anonymous said...

We love "My ABC Bible Verses" by Susan Hunt. They are short with a memory verse. We reread the same story a few times each week to help memorize the verse. We also love the Jesus Storybook Bible. My sister used to designate each morning as a special reading and prayer. Missionary Monday, Thankful Thursday... and the devotional and prayer would be on that topic. And don't worry about TV. Like Natalie, we've disconnected from cable but there was a time that I used Sprout as my second parent while my husband was deployed for over a year. There is a special grace for mothers of young children.


Lori said...

Hey Tina,
I've been enjoying reading your Thursday posts. We have done "My Time With God" put out by Focus On The Family. We enjoyed doing this book each morning. I'll get it to you to try. :)

Genie Marie said...

My family does "Big Truth's for Little Kids" is a book that includes daily "catechisms" which is basically a question with an answer....but they are biblical truth's...doctrine questions.. they are awesome. There are stories that we read about three kids...and my kids love the story as well. They are dying to find out what is going to happen to Casey and Caleb. It is a great book but hard to find. Our Lifeway has them on sale for under $2 right now because it is being discontinued...they sell on Amazon for like $16. My 3 year old can answer questions about the Bible that truly amazes me. I love your the dolls...and oh, I think you are a pretty talented writer too! Thanks for sharing your heart!