Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Too Cute...Tuesday!

I just wanted to thank you girls so much for the love and work you put
into these dolls. My sister-in-law asked youall to make this doll for
my son his name is Micah Paul Marshall and he has a terminal illness called
SMA, he just turned 1 year old in June. He loves his new friend.
Thank you very much. We have a blog www.micahpaulmarshall.blogspot.com
Here are a few pictures of him and his doll and one with Joseph, Micah's
older brother.

Chelsea Marshall

Michah is just the cutest and we are so blessed that he loves his BbB doll!!
Do you have a picture for Too Cute...Tuesday??
Have you sent a picture that I haven't used yet?? Let us know!!
Please email babybeblessed@gmail.com

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