Monday, September 28, 2009

Marvelous Monday!

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Cut and Trace for Maria's Big House of Hope! on PhotoPeach

We were blessed to meet last Saturday to cut and trace the lamb bundles for Maria's Big House of Hope!! Now we are in the sewing stage and then will be gathering together again to stuff...stuff...and stuff!! =)

A few things for you this morning! First PRAISE GOD for meeting our goal for Karsie Gene this month!! As I mentioned, we'll be giving away six dolls chosen from your donation numbers! Some of you didn't forward your chip in so Laura will be in touch for that. So as soon as we get everyone their numbers we will pick the winners. We will just plan on October 1st along with the BbB doll bed winner!!

THANK YOU ~ THANK YOU for all your prayers and donations!!

Laura was out of town over the weekend, so all the scripture patch confirmations from Friday's orders will be sent out Tues/Wed. Thank you for your patience!! It takes a lot of time to get things organized, typed up and sent out for confirmation!!

Also a BIG thank you to all who completely typed in all of your order information!! Words can not express how much easier it makes things on our end!

I'll be back tomorrow for Too Cute Tuesday!!
Have a wonderful day everyone!

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Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

I always enjoy my visits to your blog...Just one more day until we draw for the Giant Ornament Giveaway on my Christmas blog...Stop by for a visit....