Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Too Cute...Tuesday!

Karsie's Mama sent us these cute-cute photo's of Karsie and her little BbB doll!!
How sweet!!! She is one strong little girl!! The Lord is hearing our prayers!! Stay updated on her blog HERE.

I wanted to take a moment this morning to THANK all of you who donated to little Karsie so far this month!! We are almost half way to our goal of $1000!! Whoo Hoo!!


How about upping the prize a little bit?? Here are the rules so read carefully!!

This is for donations made today through Monday (9/22-9/28)!!

Not only will you be entered to win the BbB doll bed, BUT you will also be entered into a separate drawing!! How about a BbB personalized doll to go with that doll bed??

For every dollar donated, you will receive a chance to win! (ex: $20=20 chances)
Next Monday I will draw the winner....well how about....3 WINNERS for a BbB doll!! You can pick the doll style, hair color and scripture patch information!!

Oh, and for an extra little nudge...If we hit our $1000 goal for Karsie, I'll pick 3 MORE NAMES!! So we could possibly be giving away 6 dolls PLUS a doll bed!! WHEW!!

So have you donated?? Are you able to donate more?? GO HELP KARSIE!!

*Just a reminder that all donations go directly to Karsie and her family, so you will have to forward your payment information to order.babybeblessed@gmail.com Laura will forward you your numbers! We will use the same numbers for the bed drawing as the doll drawings. ~THANKS!!

Many blessings today!!

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Divine Mrs D said...

Those pictures are so cute!! I love what you do!!