Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Too Cute...Tuesday! (updated)

Too Cute Tuesday! on PhotoPeach

Here are sweet Isabelle and Sophie!
Their Mom Stephanie writes,

My girls REALLY do love their dolls... so much so that they get excited to go to bed at night so they can snuggle with their new baby dolls!!

She actually sent me these photo's back in Feb., but I failed and didn't get them on Too...Cute Tuesday!! So so sorry Stephanie! I'm glad that it worked out!

I also encourage you to visit her blog! I included the link which includes more detail on receiving their dolls, but please take a look around and support the ministries they are involved in!

Wonderful!! ~ http://www.nihaoyall.com/2010/02/sunday-snapshot-love.html

Thanks to all who have emailed their pictures!! They are all so beautiful and I will be posting them in the order we have received them! Keep them coming!!

Have a wonderful and blessed day! ~Tina


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Oh no!!

Knew we were getting close...but we are out of fresh new pictures to share on Too Cute Tuesday!! In a panic!! NEED some Tues morning sweetness to go with the coffee!!


Please flood our in box with your photo's! In desperate need here!!

First one to email their photo will be featured TODAY and also get to pick out a free skirt, dress or diaper for their BbB baby!

Please email them to babybeblessed@gmail.com! So hurry!!


=) All fun aside...your photo's really are a blessing to receive and a blessing to share!!
We cherish each and every one! Thanks in advance!

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leaslooks said...

Rest assured that as soon as Daisy's baby comes in the mail I will flood you with pictures! I'm a photographer after all ;)

Stefanie said...

THANK YOU, Tina!! My girls couldn't be more crazy about their beautiful BbB dolls :)
Bless you and ministry to teach little about God's love!