Tuesday, August 30, 2011

1st Day of Preschool!

Out of all four...
Kolton has been the one asking about starting school (darn near daily).

Well yesterday was the day!

I love when I wake him in the mornings...he always smiles when he hears my voice...before he even opens his eyes.

"You have school today!" I whisper...

Eyes shoot open!

"But first four minutes of cartoons!" he says. Everything is either four or fourteen minutes...and four minutes of cartoons worked for me!

He was so excited to leave and I think it was so cute how he told me which direction I needed to turn. (I guess just in case I had forgotten!)

Just like last year, he walked right in, hung up his backpack and didn't look back!

His teacher is Miss Julie!

He waved "Bye Mommy!" as I walked out. I was so proud of how brave I WAS this year! He is always fine...I'm the one a mess!

Don't even get me thinking about Kindergarten next year....oh my!


They made black birds (which went straight on the fridge!)

He talked a lot about his bird having "only one eye -not two" and snack!

When the big kids came home from school and Daddy from work...school was the first thing he rambled about. Then he had to go run and get his bird...it has "only one eye -not two"

HA! I'm about to put a circle on the other side just to ease his little mind!

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