Monday, August 1, 2011

My Natalie

I've been catching glimpses
for quite a while now.

But when we took a ride on the Rhino {4wheeler} together on vacation...I saw it clear.

Her hair blowing straight back in the air. The smile. Sitting almost as big as me in the seat right there beside takes my breath.

A young girl growing into a young lady.

My heart just aches yet I know it is good, God's perfect design.

Each season of life good!

She was our first girl so we {well I} bought all the pink frills and lots of baby dolls and buggies. Now I can look back and almost see God smiling, because He knew! He knew that from the time she could barely walk she would yes, push that little baby stroller around but every time Mommy would put a baby doll in it she would throw it out and stuff an animal {typically a horse} in there instead. He knew that I would dress her in cute dresses and she would grab her rubber boots and help Tristin wade in water and catch little frogs. =) Never a frilly girl, this one!

Natalie looks and acts more like me than any of our other children. I cringe at that. My heart aches because I know where some of her struggles will lie. But it is good...God holds it all!

I guess the prompting of this post is from yesterday. It was a beautiful day! We went to the lake to eat lunch after Church and then came home to our backyard baby pool. I'm smiling because it sounds like vacation. Remember THIS post? But Natalie stuck close to me all day. She has been doing that a lot lately. She is likes to talk and ponder deeper things {as we sit in the baby pool together}, run errands and even work together on some chores with me.

She's watching, listening, growing and maturing. It's good.

Birthdays are coming and the girls are BUZZING over plans. I had each of them write down their thoughts. Lola's will be another post...but here is what is on Natalie's list:

  • Drink 2 pops. 1 in the morning. 1 evening {a special treat TWO POPS!}

  • Presents: A REAL horse, a REAL dog {we already have 2}, dsi, wii game called "Let's Ride!", a REAL guinea pig, a REAL goat, or a REAL baby fox.

  • Supper: Mushroom rice and scalloped potatoes! Lemonade

  • Cake: Chocolate fudge decorated with horses of some sort. Mint chocolate chip ice cream.

So much of her heart is written out on this list. Her passions! It makes me smile the way she underlines REAL in all her animal requests! I guess all the stuffed animals aren't cutting it anymore! HA!

I pray that while she still enjoys time with "Mom" that I'm able to continue to plants the seeds of God's truths and my love for Jesus in her heart...not only with my words, but also with my actions! The reason for this post? To remember! Seasons of life fly by so quickly and I desire to grasp and enjoy each one to the fullest! They are SO good! =)

I love you my Miss Natalie Rachel!
More than words could ever express...

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