Thursday, August 11, 2011

When Life Gives you Burnt Toast and Root Canals!

As we returned from Bible Study last Wednesday, I grabbed one of my favorite quick snacks from the fridge (a slice of turkey wrapped in swiss) as I was busy picking up the day and thinking forward to tomorrow. I wondered if I bruised something because from that moment my tooth hurt. Pushing through the night and the next day with Advil, I was just waiting for things to calm back down and heal but after a night of throbbing, I called the dentist first thing Friday morning.

They were able to get me in right at 11:40. My mind swirled with different scenarios. To schedule an appointment in the same day with a husband leaving for work, four children PLUS daycare children is no easy feat! I ask my husband if it is possible to go in late?? Not looking good. I made my appointment for 3 o'clock on Monday...the next available option.

I walked upstairs, hoping for the best. Praying for the best! "Lord you know! You know what is needed and You will give me the strength needed to make it to Monday." Tears filled my eyes as I fumbled through rooms, mouth and ear throbbing with each bend for laundry. "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me", I smile. I trust.

My mind sweeps back over the past few weeks. The broken water heater. The broken switch and air conditioning in our suburban right before vacation. Our oldest getting something in his eye again (first time he scratched is eye on a tree branch) resulting in a couple days of pain and discomfort. Natalie almost burned the house down with a almost flaming toaster (seriously -I have never seen so much smoke) and now this silly tooth.

Again I smile. Didn't I just have a conversation with two beautiful women at church? Sharing together stories of broken glasses, thrown out backs, vertigo and still choosing Joy? I remember....

Arms piled high with the daily loads, I carefully work my way back downstairs to get started. My sweet sweet husband has worked out a way for me to go to the appointment this heart swells, oh how I love that man! Thank you Lord!

Long story short, with a quick dental check and x-ray I had an infection brewing. I was sent home with a root canal pamphlet, antibiotics and instructions for pain relief. "These things pyramid quick," he says. "Things will get worse before they get better. Good thing you were able to come in today."

Boy did they.

By Saturday the pain was barely tolerable even on heavy pain killers (which looped me out). The left side of my face swollen tight moving into my eye. Our kids were so good. They were kind, understanding, concerned and very helpful with Kolton. We vegged out in the living room watching "Hunchback of Notre Dame" part 1 and 2. I was moved...poor Quasimoto...I just NEW how he felt. Tristin said, "Well at least you don't have a hunchback Mom!" He was so right! At least I didn't have that and it didn't seem I was going to pick up the black hairy tongue side effect from my medication (no joke).

Everyday things got better. I'm scheduled next week for my root canal and looking forward to it because there is NO WAY I want to go through another infection! We are so blessed to live here in America. Can you imagine what we would go through if we didn't have the resources we do?

Today God brought me to 2 Corinthians 4:17,

"Our light affliction, which is but for a moment,
is working for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory"

You is easy to get discouraged through trials and sometimes they just seem to pile up! But we need to hold tight to God's promises. He loves us so much! Now I'm not just talking personally about tooth aches and broken water heaters...I'm talking about all trials! The big and the small. They ALL matter to God! Sometimes its hard to understand what His reasoning is. Why He allowed this to run through His fingers. He loves us more than anything else created yet still He has allowed these hard things? I've come to accept that we will just never understand. We are human. He is God.

We simply must trust in this mighty God that loves us so...

He takes the things that seem to be against us and causes them to work for us!

Let us not loose heart!

Our afflictions are but for a moment...eternal glory awaits!

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Marcie said...

Great Post! You really put things into perspective.
Hope your feeling better soon!