Thursday, January 19, 2012


When days don't flow the way they should and guilt creeps in because you've spent too much time on the computer and much less on the demanding domestics .  When the mind fills with regrets of spirits being broken and flashbacks of the mortifying moment you were told last night, that your pants split in the back during Bible Study. (yep, true story)... *sigh* ...On days like these don't you wish you could just climb back in bed and ask for a do-over?

While cleaning up our morning dishes at noon...right there above my sink, it stares out at me...

Hold onto your Hope

I've asked for the eyes to see and the heart to be molded this year in the lessons of Hope that He desires to teach and show.  Even in these moments of throwing my arms up and feeling like tossing covers over my face, I praise Him for the reminder of the wonderful HOPE we have in Him! 

Never in ourselves but always in Him.

"Let us continue to hold firmly to the hope that we confess without wavering, for the one who made the promise is faithful." Hebrews 10:23

Can I just shout out each word of this verse?   

May we hold firmly today without wavering!  Move forward joyfully!

Our HOPE isn't defined in how we are feeling, our regrets or failures!
Our HOPE is in He who has promised and is faithful! 

(Now off to tackle that laundry!)

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Kelly said...

Thank you, I needed to read this post right at this moment!