Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Photo Contest!

Thank you so much for your photo entries!!
In looking at what came in I placed them into the following categories:  Animals, Children & Holiday.  Holiday wasn't originally listed on my first post, but is a good fit for a few of the pictures sent in. 

Photo's are categorized below and the votes will be taken on the left sidebar by choosing the number associated with each picture in each category. 

Each category winner will receive a Scripture Crown with matching Doll Dress and the OVERALL WINNER will receive a $56 Baby be Blessed Gift Certificate!

You can only vote once in each category so have fun, share and go rally up your votes!!


This picture is my daughter Leslie (5) sound asleep with her new puppy Penelope and her BbB doll.
I would like to enter it into the Animal category.  Blessings, Kara

Photo taken by 8yr old Paige with her new camera!

One pic for each. Kylie is in the front and Kelsea in the back. First birthday :) Thanks, Tina Burkhead

Hope Brady and Lucy
Our 8 year old daughter Paige received a Baby be blessed doll for Christmas and a camera so what better way to have a little fun with her Christmas gifts than to use them together! All these pics were taken by her (expect for the one of her reading) with lots of giggles and imagination!! Warmly, Tara & Paige Craig



Kristin said...

I meant to send in a picture of our little one with his lamb! Bummer!

Baby be Blessed said...

Still send it! I will post it for a Too Cute Tuesday!! =)

Truly Blessed said...

Could you explain again how to vote? I get choosing one from each category, but I don't see anything on the left sidebar to actually cast my vote...(it's probably just me!) Thanks!