Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Too Cute...Tuesday!

Here is a picture of our daughter Clara on her first Easter with her BBB kitty.  She is 3 months old:)  Her sister has a scripture lamb and doll:)  Love them! ~Audrey S.

--Oohhh!  She is SO CUTE! 
Thanks for sharing your sweet Clara with us!!
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Schools almost out! Starting June 5th, I thought it would be fun to run a series "Too Cute Tuesday...Summertime Fun!" on the blog!

Where do you take your Baby be Blessed dolls in the summer?

The park, pool, a picnic, Grandma's, on Vacation or to VBS?? How about backyard activities...blowing bubbles, playing baseball or sidewalk chalk?

Have fun capturing your babies with their babies this summer or Give your child a camera and have them capture some summertime pictures with their doll/animal.

We will post them on our Too Cute Tuesday post and you will be entered to win a $56 Baby be Blessed gift certificate!

~The only rule is that your photo must include a Baby be Blessed doll. YAY!! Can't wait to see them!!

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