Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Romans 12:10

Our Fellowship is committing this week to fasting and prayer. I am seeking the Lord to speak through His word. Oh how my heart desires to just steep more and more in His truth!! One way that I try to do that is to take a passage of the Bible and soak in it one verse at a time. Just ponder it all day long. This week I will be going through Romans 12:9-21.

Will you join me?

{Today we will look at verse 10}

Be kindly affectionate to one another with brotherly love,
in honor giving preference to one another; ~NKJV

Be devoted to one another in love.
Honor one another above yourselves.  ~NIV

Be good friends who love deeply;
practice playing second fiddle.  ~MSG

Sometimes its hard to put others before ourselves.  We remind each other of that a lot around our household.  It's part of raising a family.  Not taking the biggest cookie.  Offering cups to everyone else first.  To focus on  J.O.Y.  Jesus, Others and then Yourself.  I remember once when Lola was talking to me about it she said, "Well, you know...it's that sin nature in us that makes us want the best first".  She's so right.

But what if we kept our hearts tender, loving one another DEEPLY?  View people as Christ views them.

For me personally I think that it means giving people more of my time.  Up town at the market or at the post office.  I'm always rushing from one task to another.  What if I offered more sweet hello's.  A bigger smile to those walking by?  A chat by the deli?  Would it really take away from my day or add to it?  And it's not that I never do these things...but I find my mind always busy on the next thing and being focused on that instead of opportunities around me.

I'm praying for and watching closely for moments given.  There just might be a lady wearing a red hat somewhere needing encouragement today! 

May we be intentional to give preference to one another...

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Sarah Brown said...

Tina, I stumbled across your website while looking at cloth diapers on sweetpeas. I love the dolls and your heart for God. After reading your post I was just crying and thanking God that there are other strong Christians out there. Thank you for sharing and spreading God one doll at a time.