Monday, August 11, 2014

Calling all CUTENESS! {I know you've got it!}

We have been collecting Tuesday CUTENESS since 2008!!

I cherish every single photo and story that you send in!!  It's my peek into the other side...a glimpse of how God is using these dolls in your everyday life.  Too Cute Tuesday is more than a blog post, it's sharing blessings and the journey that God has given to each of you!

After {kind of} taking a year or so break here on the blog, I don't feel like God desires it to go away.  I feel that it is a beautiful place to share.  Facebook has it's perks.   I love the simplicity of just a quick update and the outreach...but isn't that how everything is heading these days?  Quick, easy but not a lot of real meaning? So for now the blog will hang around a little longer and my prayer is that I use it to bring glory to God.

With all of that said....let's revamp Too Cute Tuesdays!

Send in your photo's!

Share your stories!

Let's hear how God is working in your life!!

>>The only requirement is that you include a Baby be Blessed doll in your photo.

Use your imagination!  Have Fun!!

YOU are a blessing to me!
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