Tuesday, August 19, 2014

too cute tuesday!

Before my oldest daughter was born I heard about your dolls via Angie Smith's blog and got great delight in ordering my daughter's first baby doll from y'all.  When I found out I was expecting another daughter I wanted to order her first baby doll from you too.  I ordered matching dresses so that both girls dolls could match and ordered my son a lion for himself.  The big kids love their dolls and sleep with them.  I love that I can constantly read them the verses that we selected for their tummy's to always remind them of God's word.  
PS I've blogged about them here:http://talesofapeanut.com/2014/04/babys-for-my-babies.html


To have YOUR child(ren) featured on our Too Cute Tuesday, please email,  babybeblessed@gmail.com. Send in your photo's!  Share your stories!  Let's hear how God is working in your life!!  >>The only requirement is that you must include a Baby be Blessed doll in your photo.  Use your imagination!  Have Fun!!   XOXO -Tina
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