Thursday, June 25, 2009

Proverbs 22:6

"Train up a child in the way he should go,
Even when he is old he will not depart from it"
Proverbs 22:6

What does God speak to your heart concerning training up your child?

This verse is woven deep within me...I want and choose to be obedient and trustworthy of these four gifts the Lord has given. This verse is part of what God used when starting Baby be Blessed. That a simple handmade doll would be a tool for parents to use for training or teaching God's powerful word!

But you know what?! God's been pressing on me to step it up!! Do I teach my children God's word, yes. Are we involved in a biblical teaching church, yes.
Do I use every opportunity the Lord gives me to teach His word, yes. Can I step it up and teach them more, YES!

It all really starts with us as parents. Do you want to train your child? Are you training your child? How do we do this?? I've been praying and seeking how He wants me to step it up within my own family as well as sharing my thoughts and journey of this with all of you. It's more than just learning Sunday morning at Church, it is a daily lifestyle...a daily choice of making what is important a priority within your day.

First and foremost in order for all of this to work effectively with my starts with me.
Where am I with the Lord? Am I properly trained myself in order to train my children?? We can not train our children if we are not in fit condition ourselves!

Knowing Jesus and having a relationship with him is not through a book you read or a bible study you attend. It is having a personal on going relationship with our Father. As with any relationship it grows overtime but only if it you put time and effort into that relationship. We can do that through spending time with the Lord. In prayer, asking God to examine our hearts. In His word, feeding ourselves so we can feed our children. Remembering and daily choosing to look at God's word and seeking His ways and will for our lives.

It starts with us folks....will you join me in prayer this week. Will you join me in stepping it up within your own family and share your ventures with us?? May God start our training with a pure heart and clear direction. It is only with His direction an excellent training within us that will guide and direct excellent training for our children!

I'm so excited to start this new venture!!
Do you have a good children's devotional?
How about a Biblical curriculum??

Please share them with us!! Do you blog about this?? Leave your link below in the comment section so that we can share, learn and encourage each other!!

Let's gather again next Thursday to see how the Lord works in our hearts over the next week as we seek His will in properly training our children!


DanaLea1699 said...

I don't have a scripture to share, but rather a story. A friend and I were helping out with Sunday School one week. We always met together as a large group to worship and form there, the children were dismissed to their small groups. My friend and I were in charged of the kindergarten kids. I can't remember the theme that day but our kid's pastor was talking about loving Jesus and how he wanted us to ask him to forgive our sins. I had a little boy sitting with me on my lap and my friend was holding another child. He looked up at me and asked how he could do that. I whispered that all he had to do was ask Jesus to forgive him and Jesus would. Suddenly this little boy through his arms up in the air and called out "Forgive me, Jesus". A few weeks later, my friend and I had the privileged of leading that little boy, along with another little girl, to Christ. I found out from her family that she had been asking lots of questions at home.

I've never forgotten those two children, though I can no longer remember their names. I can still see them clearly, though, and remember the feel of that little guy in my arms, turning to look up at me as he asked his question and then looked up to God and asked for forgiveness.

I don't have children of my own but I pray regularly for my sponsor children through Compassion - that they will grow up knowing God's love and secure in that love and that they will know how beautiful they are and how precious in his sight.

Baby be Blessed said...

PRAISE GOD DanaLea1699!!

Thank you so much for sharing your encouraging story!

Anonymous said...

how funny that at dinner last night with some friends from mops...(both christian & a seeker whom i believe God is laying on my heart to befriend on a much deeper spiritual level) we discussed this verse. how funny that my heart has been heavy about my own walk funny that i just questioned the intentional daily relationship i need to help "train" my children into having with our funny that i "happened" upon your blog after rcvg an email about new dolls (i don't think i have ever checked your blog before!!!) yes it is all just one big coincidence (except that i KNOW there are no coincidences...only God's divine plan) all this to say that whether or not anyone else ever thinks twice about this post, it has been used to convict me. i will pray this week. i will fall on my knees this week & then stand to listen as my savior guides me into learning how to train my children to truely follow him , love him & seek him with every ounce of their hearts. & i will come back next week to let you know of God's hand in our lives this past week.