Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Too Cute...Tuesday!

Sweet Caleb!

I was so beyond touched by the beautiful lamb that I received a couple of
weeks ago from you guys. I was the fortunate winner of Rachel O’s adoption
fundraiser giveaway form several months back. After communicating with you guys
about the lamb design, color, verse, footprints, etc, I was so excited and could
hardly wait to see the finished product. You most certainly did not disappoint!
I was so touched and immediately got tears in my eyes. What a treasure and
blessing! What you guys have gifted me with is something that is beyond words.
Thank you so much! Besides the wonderful touching aspect of the lamb, I
was very impressed with the overall quality. I am sending you a picture of
my son Caleb holding the lamb. It is so poignant because the lamb was made in
memory of Joshua, Caleb’s identical twin.

With a grateful heart,



Laura and Chris Swymeler said...

So Sweet... what a beautiful picture!! Just precious!

Rach@In His Hands said...

Thank you again, BbB, for being SOOO wonderful to work with!!! I'm thrilled that your precious lamb went to a family as wonderful as Wendi's. I know she is SO grateful and touched.....so am I!!!!

Rachel O :-)