Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Too Cute Tuesday and a Giveaway!!!

Miss Isabella loves her new doll!!

She is just the cutest!!

*If you would like to be featured on Too Cute Tuesday...send us your photo's!!


Also wanted to mention that Jill is giving away a BbB lamb over on her blog today!

Jill has become a sweet - sweet friend over the past year! We are like minded sisters in Christ. It's funny how God can bring people together and with the common bond of Christ seem like you've been friends forever! Her blogs are awesome! I love the way the Lord is using her and how obedient she is choosing to be in ever facet of her life.
Some Examples...

Now, this isn't me patting her back and her patting mine for promotion reasons...I really LOVE Jill's heart and pure motivations in everything she does! We are to use whatever gifts the Holy Spirit gives us and use them fully to glorify and worship our Lord and Savior! One thing that the Lord spoke to me through Jill one day when we were talking was when I was asking the question WHY? Why this and why that...and she simply replied, "Tina, it's not your place to ask why...just do! Do what the Lord calls you to do, and don't ask why." I smile just thinking about it and think of that conversation often... I LOVE IT! So stop by each of her blogs and leave her an encouraging word! Praise God for Jill and for every one of you who are glorifying Christ by proclaiming His truth and living it out daily!!


Blessed Mom of 8 said...

Ok precious friend - you just made me cry!

I will never forget that conversation either! God has used your heart for the lost and too often forgotten to touch me deeply!

Big hugs and LOTS of love to you!

La Familia Garcia said...

I LOVE the pictures you picked for Too Cute Tuesday!