Monday, February 15, 2010

Marvelous Monday

Here's to another Marvelous Monday!!

This morning we chose our giveaway winner from our blog followers!

The Marvelous winner is........

I popped over to their blog this morning and what a blessing it was to see their family using their gifts for God!! I LOVE IT!!

Congratulations Katrina and thanks to all of you who signed up to follow our blog!


...and then for our Order Status this week...

UPDATED 2/15/10

This week we are~
Sewing order numbers: B10-163 through B10-174
Stitching smiles (finishing): B10-156 through B10-162
Shipping: Around 40 Easter Cart Orders!

Have a GREAT week!!


Di said...

Yeah! You have started my order! I can't wait Tina! What a great Easter present this will make for my kids... even more special--- my 7 year old is getting baptized Easter morning so when I give her this doll it will be even more special! Can't wait! Blessings!

Katrina said...

Thanks Tina...for choosing me! I also wanted to mention that we are doing a giveaway at my blog you mentioned before...BUT we need 50 Followers before we do it. So Baby Be Blessed readers if you like hand knitted & photography/poetry items...Become a follower so we can do our giveaway soon!
Thanks again for the giveaway Tina and letting me do a "plug" about what God has given us as talents.