Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Master Boston! =)

Sweet little Boston is holding his own comfy at home with Mommy, Daddy and sister Brooklyn! What a praise it is!! If you have been following their blog this month, you would have read the post from Aunt Kristin (Boston's Aunt THAT ROCKS! =) You would have read that Extreme Makeover Home addition was taking nominations for a family in Indiana, and they were asking for as many nominations as possible by the deadline of Feb. 10. I continue to pray that Boston's family is chosen! My whole point is that I wanted to include a bit of Aunt Kristin's blog post to explain that we are praising God that the family is holding it's own right now, but continued challenges are coming ahead.... Here is a little bit of what she shared.
Their family has been, well, I am not sure how to put this (my sister is the writer of the family) burdened with many difficulties over the past few years. As you well know Brooklyn has a diagnosis of Rett Syndrome which confines her to a chair and will soon need a wheel chair to move about. Charlie has recently discovered he has a rare disease known as Bechets...who knows what this will bring, even the doctors can't say for sure. Reading about it would stress any wife out, it can be a crippling disease and even lead to blindness. He currently battles chronic pain on a daily basis. Finally their latest bundle of joy, our lovable Boston who has been diagnosed with Down Syndrome.One family should not have to endure such heartache not to mention all the therapists that are in and out of their house on a weekly basis :)
So not only do we need to continue praying for little Boston (who has Down Syndrome and other health issues) but please pray for Daddy (who has Bechets), sister Brooklyn (who has Rett Syndrome) and also for sweet sweet Mommy!

This is our chance to do our part in helping this family!!

We are almost half way to our goal of $1000 this month with only a small handful of days left.

...I know how tight the economy is.
...I know that we all have had a little more month than dollar.

BUT...if you are able to give ANY amount (it doesn't matter if it is only a couple of bucks) please do so! Joining together we can offer help financially to this sweet family!

If you are able to give a little more, we would love to give a little back to you!

For each $20.00 you give to the Butler family, Baby be Blessed will send you a $5 voucher to use on our website. So if you give $20 we will give you $5. If you are able to give $40 we will give you $10.00 ect. PLUS you will still be entered into our Giveaway which you can read about HERE.

Are you excited?? I am!!

Don't forget that the money goes directly to the Butler family, so you will have to forward your pmt confirmation to to receive your vouchers and giveaway numbers.

Have a very BLESSED day everyone!! Continue to be on your knees for the Butler family!


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Kelly said...

Thank you for sharing our story - the prayers that your readers are offering up on our behalf keep me inspired!