Monday, February 22, 2010

Marvelous Monday!

Hope everyone had a GREAT weekend!!

It's another Marvelous Monday!! We've got LOTS to do this week, so I'm excited to start off with the winner of this awesome $55.00 Gift Certificate!!

...and the winner is...

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#143 -faith said...
I just came across this blog.. can't wait to keep reading.
February 21, 2010 8:03 PM


Thanks again, to all of you who entered...hmmm, wonder what will show up the next Yay Free Friday?!



All I got to say is I love my girls!!

I praise God for them and He knows that things would not get done in a glorifying manner without them! Baby be Blessed is a body of hands and feet working together for His awesome glory!! Laura keeps me together with all of the orders coming in and works with every single scripture patch!! She gets everything ready to print out onto fabric! My sister, Michelle works week after week with all of the arms and legs which can be a very tedious job. Tracing, sewing, cutting, and stuffing the same pieces over and over. But Michelle always has a joyful heart and also helps with the blankets, crowns, diapers, and whatever else we throw at her! Then we have Norma making the doll outfits and Lori's sister Lynn helping with the doll dresses and skirts! Thank you so much ladies, you do an awesome job!! And last but certainly NOT least, we have Miss Lori and Miss Denise kickin' some bootie on the machine!! Lori sews all the dolls and Denise sews all the Lambs, Lions and Bunnies! They also help me with cutting and getting things organized and ready to go. I just wanted to mention all of them this morning, because Baby be Blessed would not be what it is without them. The Lord has placed us all together and we continue to be obedient with what He as given.

With all of that said, I am so very excited and blessed to share how many dolls will be shipped out again this week!!

We continue to pray for each and every child as their doll passes through each of our hands! Use these dolls to Your glory Lord and we thank You for the opportunity to make them and spread your doll at a time!

UPDATED 2/22/10
This week we are~

Sewing order numbers:
B10-197 through B10-209

Stitching smiles (finishing) & Shipping:
B10-156 through B10-196 and many more Easter Cart Orders!


Have a wonderful day!!
Much love~Tina


Divine Mrs D said...

Congrats, Faith!

Anonymous said...

Does your mom help out occationally???