Monday, January 24, 2011

It's a Marvelous Monday!

Was your weekend full of great things?

I know it was! Even in the busiest and craziest of times...if we choose to look...we will see all of the wonderful and great blessings God has simply poured over us!

Mine? It was very easy going and relaxing, which I smile at (and praise God for) because last week was super loud and super busy and super messy with lots of children and many days off school. I LOVE them to pieces!

I cherish loud and crazy and EMBRACE the calm and quiet!! =) HA!!

But seriously, I've been able to just BE STILL over this weekend. God knows and provides our every need...and sometimes we just need to seize the opportunity instead of filling it with something else.

But back to business! I bet your curious to see who won our giveaway this week!
The winner is...... #6!! Congratulations Katie!!

I spent some time reading their blog, When Hello Means Goodbye. If you have some extra time to sit and read, you should stop on by...what a beautiful testimony they share!

Praying over you today, sweet friends!!

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Kate said...

we had a wonderful weekend as well, we celebrated my hubby's birthday! thank you again for the giveaway! so excited ;)

AHB said...

I just gave your blog a Stylish Blog award on my blog because I find so much encouragement through your scripture verses and through your ministry. Thank you so much for all that you do!