Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ya'll ARE Awesome!! =)

Yes, I'm saying it! Shouting it!! Can you hear me?! =)
Those of your who chose to support Maria's Big House of Hope through prayer and Donations the month of December are simply. just. AWESOME!

THANK YOU! I praise God for those of you joined with us to Give a Blessing!

Here are the winners of our Giveaway:

The First place price of the Cinderella doll , goes to.....

# 354 Danae Hudson!

And from the wonderful ladies at Wild Olive Tees!

2nd place prize
a FREE tee of choice from Wild Olive Tees
goes to............

#206 Shelley!!

Also our 3rd place prize
a beautiful Bow of choice from our dear friend Jessica at
Sugar-n-Spice Boutique, goes to...............

#216 Stacy!!

Thank you for joining with us to make a difference!

As far as the whopping $591 dollars (including money from the lamb bundles ordered) donated for supplies to Maria's Big House of Hope, I am prayerfully weighing out our options. Initially we were going to purchase supplies and ship them down to Show Hope. But because YA'LL ARE SO AWESOME! $591 dollars purchases A LOT of diapers and sleepers!! Then we would have the cost to ship it all down to what I'm praying over (though I would LOVE to go on a baby shopping spree!) is to be the best stewards of the money given and donate it directly to the Maria's Big House of Hope fund so they could purchase the supplies needed directly.

So, if you would join me in praying for Gods direction... I would love you for it!!

I have much more to share about Give a Blessing for this year, but it will have to wait for tomorrow!

Thanks again for opening your heart to give yourselves to others! May God be glorified!!

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