Monday, January 10, 2011

Marvelous Monday!

Are you having a fantastic and marvelous Monday?!
I've been busy on my end! Lots of fun Monday stuff including paperwork, bank, post office, preschool, getting my hair done...AND eating my very first veggie burger!! Don't know why I threw that in there -besides the fact that I'm very proud of myself for being so brave. And ya know what?! It really wasn't that bad! Would choose a 1/4 pounder w/cheese first but I can officially at least say I tried it! Unlike the boiled peanuts that Lori had the other day...but that is another story! HA!

Anyway...I bet you really want to know who won our giveaway, not about what I ate for lunch!

So the winner is:

#35 Jacqueline! Congratulations!! I just sent you an email.


We'll be back on track tomorrow with Too Cute Tuesday!

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