Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Drum roll please!

First, after going through well over 75 name ideas for our new doll we finally chose the name Libby! I made the yellow haired minky doll for one of Lola's friends, as a birthday gift over the weekend. Her name was Liberty so when we saw Libby, it fit just perfect!

She looks like a Libby!

So to welcome her to the doll family, we will be offering her as our special deal this week!

Whoo Hoo! Are you as excited as I am?!

Regular price: $50.00
Sale price: $40.00!

CLICK HERE to take advantage of this limited time sale.

Have a wonderfully blessed day!

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Amy said...

so sweet! i have to say, i'm a little partial though as i have my own sweet libbi at home :)
if i hadn't already ordered her another doll, i would definitely be ordering her the "libby"....maybe i'll get it for our newest little one! :)

Amber said...

Oh, she is adorable! I love her hair:)

A Love Worth Waiting For.... said...