Thursday, May 19, 2011

Living Proverbs 22:6...Dusty Faith

This morning I woke and walked down our old L shaped hardwood hallway, choosing the boards that are silent to move quietly downstairs to start the day.

Dawn is breaking and I reach the top of the stairs. My eye catches the Jesus painting we purposefully hung "right there" as a reminder of the One we need to keep our focus on.

My eyes pass over and then bolt right back!

Why didn't I see it yesterday or the day before or the day before that? I know I look at this painting with every pass up and down throughout the day!

It's thick! Dust!

It was horrible! I ran my finger along the bottom of the frame and noticed the cobwebs strung from the corner. I apologized to Jesus (I really did) as I went down the stairs. I started my coffee and the thoughts of that dust kept coming back to my mind.

It just creeps in doesn't it?
Silent...unnoticed until it is so thick you can write in it?

Cant' that dusty frame be like a dusty faith?!

Busyness of lifes To Do's growing thick creating dust piles on our Jesus?
On our prayer time?
On our Bible time?

A separation from Him? Thicker and Thicker?

That's just what the enemy wants too! He's adding a lot of distraction and dirt into the air...but it ultimately is our own choice to wipe the filth away and keep our eyes focused on His truths.

Thank you Lord that when our faith gets dusty and we get distracted that your arms are always open...waiting for us! I praise You for your Love, Mercy and Grace!

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