Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Too Cute Tuesday -A Girl's Night Out!

The Girls Night Out event that I was invited to speak at last night was fantastic!

What a wonderful group of beautiful ladies!

The evening was organized by two very special women, Jami and Sarah. They did a wonderful job decorating, getting all of the food ready and making sure each person felt welcome. I know I did!

It was doll themed so they had paper dolls for all of the big and little girls to put together!

Here are my two girls busy at work!

It was so adorable and a fantastic fun idea to go along with the theme!

They also asked if each person would bring their favorite doll.

Here are three cuties that brought their Baby be Blessed lambs!

Don't they have the sweetest smiles?!

I also loved these older dolls!

The woman who brought them was so precious!

It was such a blessing and privilege to share with more than 85 women of all ages!

Jami asked if the kids wanted to sit right up front and that in itself was answered prayer because I am used to speaking in front of children so it was a comfort for me to have them so close!

Thanks Jami! =)

The evening was wonderful and though I was nervous at first...I really had a fantastic time! It was so much fun to share how the Lord has worked in my life, how Baby be Blessed started and some of the wonderful things that the Lord has allowed us to do.

We saw beautiful smiles and met wonderful new friends! I will continue to pray for each of you who attended and hope that you all keep your eyes on Christ and stay faithful to the work that He calls you to do!

Thanks again for inviting me!
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Mattie said...

This looks like such a lovely night! What a great idea!