Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Too Cute Tuesday!

Here are Caryss and Ryker with their doll and "buddy". :)

Caryss's big sisters, Camden and Callan, are in your video. Cary's doll makes our household's 7th Baby Be Blessed doll (including two bunnies)! Ryker is our best friends' little guy, and both Cary and Ryker got their BbB doll and "buddy" for Easter. :)
Thanks BbB!!

Aubrey first shared this picture on facebook and I fell completely in love!
Thank you so much for emailing it so we could share it on Too Cute Tuesday!

And we are so stealing the "Baby be Blessed Buddy" for our boy dolls! =)

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*We are running low on photo's!
Please email us your pictures at babybeblessed@gmail.com


Ashton said...

Too sweet!

Dieue2 said...

That's my little man! :)