Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Too Cute Tuesday!

This week on Too Cute Tuesday we have

Sweet and Precious Elly...peeking in at her Easter Goodies!

This picture is SO CUTE! I love it!!


Guess what?! We are plum out of photo's!
Do you have a picture to send our way??

We are looking for more pictures of all your sweet babies with their dolls (or buddy's =)! What about some fun pictures with your dolls in different places? Like on vacation, a baseball game, a family picnic at the lake, the zoo, maybe on the beach or with a beautiful sunset in the background! You use your imagination and send them our way!

Also, don't be afraid to send update pictures! Just because you've already sent one in the past doesn't mean you can't share again! We can't wait to see them!!

Please email to: babybeblessed@gmail.com

Thank you - Thank you - Thank you!

YOU are a blessing!

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Divine Mrs D said...

I'm hoping to have some soon, but we'll see :)