Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Feels Like Spring!

My daffodils are finally peeking out after a seasonal rest. This darn Ohio weather always gives me fits with 75 degrees one day and then 40 degrees the next. With cold weather and rain behind us (for now) today is a beautiful spring day! I wish I could have sat out on our patio, soaked up some rays, and read a book....oh I wish...
Today, like every other was a busy busy day! Lola had her Kindergarten screening today which went very well. She was so excited and did great on all of her testing. Her favorite part however, was when we had to wait in the cafeteria for her final station at lunch time. Lola is my social butterfly! She may act all shy and cutsie at first, but that is not her true personality. You could have heard her over all the lunch room crowd yelling at this one or that. She makes sure that you hear and acknowledge her, and will keep yelling until you do! So when we got the all clear for Kindergarten, we called Daddy on the phone and all she talked about was seeing this person and that person. Not too many details on the actual reason we were there. =) She is so darn cute and it just breaks my heart that I will have three in school next year. Good thing I can hold onto Kolton for a while....then what will I do??!!
Have a great day everyone!

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