Thursday, April 17, 2008

Things to come at Baby be Blessed!

With a new pattern and a brand new stash of fabric, I'm cutting and sewing away in my little corner of the laundry room. First of all I think this new pattern, which I purchased from bit of whimsy primitives, is just the cutest ever! The possibilities of fabric and color combinations are endless! If you sew, you MUST visit her etsy shop for her awesome pattern line! Second, I purchased some new fabric over the weekend and how perfect to receive it in time to make up this cutie!! I dropped the personalized scripture patch a bit to show off her cute polka dot shirt. What do you think??


Caitlin said...

How nerdy is this - I want to buy a pattern ( from her to sew with my daughter someday. So at least 6 years down the road, cuz I'm not preggo and don't have a girl! Haha. I haven't bought it yet cuz I feel dumb. But it'd make good gifts until then, right? ;)

Johnson Party of seven! said...

I LOVE her! She is so sweet! You are so talented.