Friday, April 25, 2008

Yay Free Friday!

It's coming!!! I'm not quite done with my giveaway so it will be later today before I have it listed for you. For those of you on my website email update list, I will let you know when it's ready to go. For those of you who would like to be notified of my free giveaways and updates, please sign up. I promise I don't bug you very much! :)

Until then I will leave you with my little Kolton!

Warning!! This is fourth child syndrome! I'm not talking about Kolton...I'm talking about ME! With Tristin (our first) I would have flipped out! I would have flipped out at the cookie. A toilet in the picture would have put me over the top!! But yet with Kolton, I stop to grab a picture before telling him No....Yikes...please pray for my children! :) So you noticed what he just "sneaked" out of the snack cupboard. He must have wanted to get rid of the chocolate evidence by washing his hands! Now, please note that I watched this whole thing play out. How he double checks to see if I'm watching to get in the cupboard. Then you can hear the paper rattling and BAM the door closes back up and he shoots down the hall to his favorite room. Yep, the bathroom! One of his favorite past times is to feel the refreshing chill of the toilet water hitting his face as he splashes in there with all his might. I have scolded him many times and yet you see where it gets me! But to ease all of your was a clean potty! I'm not that far gone to let my child play in a nasty toilet! So knowing it was clean, I grabbed my camera quick. Am I just justifying this??? Ohhh, I love my babies!
I'll be back soon everyone!


Laura said...

I love it!!! That's my world! I have a major toilet surfer in my house. I am constantly reminding the kids shut the door!

Caitlin said...

That's too funny! I missed this post before. We keep our bathroom door shut or our munchkin would be soaked and we'd be out of tp!