Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hutton Update

Isn't this just the cutest picture ever!! This is little Hutton on a jet plane to Philadelphia Sunday. Her surgery has been postponed until next week, so please continue to pray that the Lord will prepare and protect her little body through this next phase. Also pray for her Mommy, Daddy, brother, sisters, and her whole family!! A couple people asked me about Hutton yesterday
so I cut and paste a section from her caringbridge site. The actual link is in the post under this one if you want to read her story from the beginning. Pray for little Dylan as well who is mentioned below... Thanks to everyone who has opened their heart to this family! ~Tina
We still aren't definite about what the plan is for Hutton. Her numbers from the cath lab were not "ideal" for a stage 2 but they weren't horrible either. The cath doc kind of acted like he wasn't sure that she could get her stage two so David and I were devastated to say the least. Then hours later, Dr. Gaynor (surgeon) comes in with Stephanie (Hutt's Aunt Steph and also a surgeon) and they have smiles on their faces saying that the cath looked good and it looked like Monday but Dr. Gaynor said he would have to talk to Dr. Rychik first and make sur that it was okay with him. Don't you just LOVE rollercoasters? Can't wait to see what Dr.Rychik has to say about this! Dr. Gaynor said that it is a little bit higher risk to do a Glenn (stage 2) with higher pressures but Hutton has always been higher risk. They like pressures to be in the teens and hers was 20. So, not terribly high, just higher than they normally like. They have done Glenn's on babies with higher pressures before so it won't be like Hutton's the only baby who has had it done before. Like I said, we still have to hear from Rychik. Her function looked great so that is a positive.
I will update after I talk to Dr. Rychik. Please continue to pray for her pressures to drop and for wisdom for the doctors as we ponder what is next for Hutton.
Thank you so much to everyone who has been loving on our kids while we have been away. David is excited to see them. Also, thank you to all the doctors here at CHOP who LOVE Hutton and want the very best for her. And a HUGE thank you to David and Stephanie Fuller for taking us into their home while we are here. I am feeling very spoiled! They have a BEAUTIFUL home and are so good to us. Thanks guys! You are amazing! We love you!
I will update soon.Thanks for your prayers. They are holding us up right now.
Oh- and please pray for Dylan as he is on standby today for his stage two! We are all so excited for him! Pray that he will stay strong and blow those docs away!
Love from Philly,
Jill for the Johnsons

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